Dr. Frikkie Hartog is an ophthalmologist with a special interest in cataract and refractive procedures. His passion for ophthalmology and technological advancements, drives a constant improvement in results and patient satisfaction.


Dr. Frikkie Hartog is an ophthalmologist with a special interest in cataract and refractive procedures. His passion for ophthalmology and technological advancements, drives a constant improvement in results and patient satisfaction.


Spectacle independence


Light entering the eye needs to be focused accurately on the retina to permit sharp vision. There are two main structures in the eye that is responsible to focus the light accurately: the cornea at the front of the eye, and the natural lens, situated behind the colour of the eye. Some people need the help of spectacles or contact lenses to improve and sharpen their vision, but there is an alternative.

As an ophthalmologist, Dr Frikkie Hartog offers two corrective eye surgeries to eradicate the need for spectacles entirely.

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(Ages 18 to 45 years)

By accurately shaping the cornea to sharply focus incoming light, laser eye surgery is aimed at improving a patients’ vision to rid the need for spectacles or contact lenses.



(Ages 50 and older)

While the accommodation potential (ability of the natural lens to focus closer for reading) of the human lens cannot be restored, the resultant spectacle dependence can be permanently eliminated when replaced with an artificial multifocal intra-ocular lens (IOL) during a lens replacement surgery.



MBChB, FC Opth (SA), MMed Ophth (Stellenbosch)

It is a privilege for me when a patient trust you with their precious vision, and I make every effort to provide the best possible service and solution to provide spectacle independence.


  • Ophthalmic Society of South Africa
  • South African Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • South African Glaucoma Society
  • Refractive Society Alliance
  • European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery




  • Pieterse, E
    Baie tevrede en geniet om sonder bril te wees (na inplanting van multifokale lense)
    Pieterse, E
    May 2020
  • Stassen, E
    Dankie vir puik diens. Dankie date k nou mooi kan sien en alles nie dof is nie (na inplanting van multifokale lense)
    Stassen, E
    April 2020
  • Borchardt, E
    Ek kan wel lees as ek moet of nie ‘n bril het nie (na inplanting van EDOF “extended depth of vision” lens)
    Borchardt, E
    March 2020
  • Rossouw, A
    Dankie, dit het my lewe verander. (Inplanting van multifokale lense)
    Rossouw, A
    March 2020
  • Barnard, V
    Lewensveranderende prosedure. Heerlik om soggens wakker te word en onmidellimte kan sien, om nie aan die einde van die dag droë oë te hê van die dra van kontaklense nie (na inplanting van multifokale lense)
    Barnard, V
    March 2020
  • Chetty,D
    I would like to say thank you for the excellent service I received on Wednesday the 22 January 2020  at the practice.   Please forgive me for calling you ladies. I did not want to spell your names wrong.   To the lady that answered my calls, called me back when there were a cancellation and greeted me with a smile when I came to the practice. Thank you for treating me with professional kindness. Your telephone etiquette and customer service is excellent.   To the lady that took me through the preliminary tests. The way you ask the questions and conducted the tests shows that you know what you doing but you do it with kindness and grace. Thank you for being patient  with me through my nervous answers.   To the lady that sees to the payment side of things. Thank you for treating me with kindness and dignity. I know money needs to be paid for a service but you handled it with so much grace.   To Mr. Hartog. Thank you for answering the questions I had and for explaining what was wrong with my eyes. Your skills as a doctor combined with your people skills make you an excellent doctor.   All the best to all of you.
    January 2020
  • Rabie, A
    This op has been really great. (Refractive lens exchange with multifocal intra-ocular lens). For general purposes I can see, even to put on makeup.
    Rabie, A
    November 2019
  • Groenewald, T
    Baie tevrede (Multifokale lens inplanting na vorige LASIK procedure)
    Groenewald, T
    Des 19
  • Du Plessis, P
    Ek sien baie goed (na multifokale lens inplanting). Voel soms ek moet my bril afhaal
    Du Plessis, P
    November 2019
  • Tinkler, C
    Best thing I ever did! (Implantation of multifocal lenses)
    Tinkler, C
    November 2019
  • Jinker, E
    Ek kan lees. (Na inplanting van multifokale lens)
    Jinker, E
    November 2019
  • Gouws, P
    Very Happy!!! (After implantation of multifocal lens)
    Gouws, P
    October 2019
  • Du Plessis, P
    Ek sien sooo mooi. Ek is sooo happy. Beste ding wat ek nog ooit gedoen het (inplanting van Panoptix multifokale lense)
    Du Plessis, P
    October 2019
  • Smith, S
    Al klagte is date k nou te goed sen! (na bilaterale katarak procedure)
    Smith, S
    September 2019
  • Van der Merwe, J
    Wonderlik (na inplanting van multifokale lens)
    Van der Merwe, J
    August 2019
  • Van Rooyen, D
    Tevrede met operasie – sal enigeen wel verwys (na inplanting van multifokale lens)
    Van Rooyen, D
    August 2019
  • De Witt, J
    Ek is hoogs teverede met my sig (na inplanting van multifokale lens). Baie dankie vir hierdie opsie, dit was die regte besluit. August 2019
    De Witt, J
    August 2019
  • Geleijnse, A
    Baie tevrede met (katarak) operasie en hele verloop van sake.
    Geleijnse, A
    July 2019
  • Barrett, G
    Sig het ongelooflik verbeter! Die voorwerpe se kleur is ook baie mooi. Baie beter vir my stokperdjies. Baie tevrede. (Na katarak procedure)
    Barrett, G
    July 2019
  • Robyn, A
    Impressive service. Best choice ever (Implanting multifocal lens)
    Robyn, A
    May 19
  • Robyn,W
    (Visual result) Very good, considering how weak my eyes were (after LASIK procedure)
    May 19
  • Kok, L
    Baie gelukkig met uitkoms na operasie (na inplanting van milultifokale lens)
    Kok, L
    May 2019
  • Schoeman, J
    Ek sien baie goed sonder bril (na inplanting van multifokale lense)
    Schoeman, J
    May 19
  • Stiglingh, E
    Baie tevrede (na katarak prosedure)
    Stiglingh, E
    May 19
  • Burgess, A
    I am astounded at the total improvement in my vision after the operation (multifocal lens implanted with cataract procedure) – freedom from specs and the ability to see much better than when I wore specs is what impresses me
    Burgess, A
    May 2019
  • Van der Mescht, L
    Nuwe lewe. (Na inplanting van multifokale lense met katarak prosedure)
    Van der Mescht, L
    April 2019
  • Pretorius, P
    Baie tevrede met uitslag van die hele proses en procedure (na katarak procedure met inplanting van multifokale lens)
    Pretorius, P
    March 2019
  • Barnard, D
    Groot verbetering met my sig (na katarak prosedure)
    Barnard, D
    March 2019
  • Fitzmaurice, V
    A very successful operation (after implanting multifocal lenses)
    Fitzmaurice, V
    March 19
  • Herbst, J
    Wat ‘n wonderlike verskil. Ek kan weer sien. Dank u daarvoor. My lewe is verryk. (Na katarak prosedure)
    Herbst, J
    March 2019
  • Lambert-Bestbier, B
    Dankie goeie sig. Geniet dit. (Na inplanting van multifokale lens)
    Lambert-Bestbier, B
    March 19
  • Schoeman, E
    Baie tevrede, sal enige iemand aanbeveel (na inplanting van Panoptix multifokale lense)
    Schoeman, E
    February 2019
  • Fullard, J
    Lewensverandering procedure. Baie dankie! (Na laser oog prosedure)
    Fullard, J
    Februarie 2019
  • Pfaff, I
    Dis heerlik om te kan sien sonder ‘n bril. Dit het regtig my lewe 100% verbeter. (Na inplanting van Panoptix multifokale bril)
    Pfaff, I
    February 2019
  • Fitzmaurice, F
    So delighted!! Vision improving daily (after implantation of Panoptix multifocal lenses).
    Fitzmaurice, F
    Jan 2019
  • Malander, S
    Fantastic. I would definitely recommend the procedure to others (after implantation of Panoptix multifocal lens)
    Malander, S
    January 19
  • Barnard, GP
    Meer as tevrede met prosedures en sal ander beslis aanbeveel (na inplanting van Panoptix multifokale lense).
    Barnard, GP
    Nov 18
  • Els, M
    Almost from soon after the procedure (multifocal Panoptix lens implanted) I was able to see at all distances.
    Els, M
    Nov 2018
  • Jackson, M
    “EK KAN LEES SONDER BRIL” (na katarak operasie)
    Jackson, M
    Nov 18
  • Vermeulen, D
    Die “omgee” en hantering van operasie begin tot einde het my positief gehou. Dankie Dr en span. Ek is van nature bang vir hospitale en naalde. (Na inplanting van Panoptix multifokale lense)
    Vermeulen, D
    Oct 18
  • Augustyn, A
    Sal dit / het reeds vir enige brildraende aanbeveel. (Inplanting van Panoptix multifokale lense.)
    Augustyn, A
    Oct 18
  • Smith, J
    Very glad to have had the operations. Glad that I no longer require two different set of spectacles with different prescriptions. (After implantation of multifocal Panoptix lenses).
    Smith, J
    Oct 18
  • Van Wyk, E
    Life changer. Brille weggegooi!!! (na inplanting van Panoptix multifokale lense)
    Van Wyk, E
    Oct 18
  • Hamerse, C
    Ek sien baie duidelik sonder bril (na katarak operasie).
    Hamerse, C
    Sept 2018
  • Schreuder, E
    Baie dankbaar date k weer “skoon” visie het! (Na katarak procedure).
    Schreuder, E
    Sept 2018
  • Longmore, M
    Beste besluit ooit, dankie!!! (Na inplanting van Panoptix multifokale lense)
    Longmore, M
    Aug 2018
  • Visser, M
    Beste besluit ooit!!! (Na inplanting van Panoptix multifokale lens.)
    Visser, M
    Aug 2018
  • Van der Merwe, A
    Lewensveranderende operasie!!! (Na inplanting van multifokale Panoptix lens). Baie dankbaar vir hierdie tegnologie en mediese personeel wat hierdie proses so met sorg, deeglikheid en intens professioneel uitgevoer het. Baie dankie!!
    Van der Merwe, A
    July 2018
  • Linford, P
    I can do computer work, read paper and use cell phone without spectacles. (After Panoptix multifocal lens implant)
    Linford, P
    June 18
  • Van Zyl, J
    Groot verbetering, baie tevrede. (Na inplanting van Panoptix multifokale lens)
    Van Zyl, J
    June 18
  • Justus, L
    Great om nie hoef bril te dra nie. Baie dankie! (Na inplanting van Panoptix multifokale lens)
    Justus, L
    June 18
  • Mento, C
    My visie is uitstekend (na inplanting van multifokale lens met katarak prosedure).
    Mento, C
    May 18
  • Burger, E
    (Panoptix multifokale lens inplanting) 100% die moeite werd. Baie dankie vir uiters professionele diens.
    Burger, E
    May 18
  • Burger, C
    Ek is dankbaar vir hierdie wonderlike voorreg. Dankie. (Na inplanting van mutifokale Panoptix lens).
    Burger, C
    May 18
  • Van Niekerk, J
    Baie goeie sig. Naby 100%. Baie teverede (na Panoptix multifokale lense)
    Van Niekerk, J
    April 2018
  • Ellis, A
    Groot positiewe verandering in my sig wat werklik my lewe makliker maak (na inplanting van Panoptix multifokale lense)
    Ellis, A
    April 2018
  • Lombaard, M
    Groot verskil in my sig (na Panoptix multifokale lens inplanting)
    Lombaard, M
    Jan 18
  • Van Romburgh, A
    Ek is baie tevrede (na my katarak prosedures).
    Van Romburgh, A
    Dec 17
  • Chatfield, R
    To say I was worried about (cataract) eye surgery would be an understatement. Dr. Hartogs’ plan, professionalism, demeanor and attitude made the whole thing easy. I have already sent five friends and family to see him from home and overseas. A massive thank you from one health professional to another!
    Chatfield, R
    Dec 17
  • Walters, JA
    Happy chappie – alles wel (na Panoptix multifokale lens inplanting).
    Walters, JA
    Nov 17
  • Van Romburgh, A
    Ek is baie tevrede (na my katarak prosedures).
    Van Romburgh, A
    Nov 17
  • Human, A
    Kan nie glo dat ek nie ‘n bril of enige vergrootglas hoef te gebruik om mee te sien nie. Sal die (katarak) operasie vir enigiemand aanbeveel.
    Human, A
    Nov 17
  • Esterhuyse, M
    Baie tevrede met dr, personeel en hospitaal. Bly ek het operasie laat doen. (Multifokale Panoptix lens met katarak operasie).
    Esterhuyse, M
    Oct 17
  • Van der Merwe, C
    As ek met beide oë kyk sien ek baie goed, naby en ver. (Na inplanting van multifokale Panoptix lens).
    Van der Merwe, C
    Sep 17
  • Gerber, M
    Ek mis nie my bril nie en lees en sien alles baie goed (na katarak procedure).
    Gerber, M
    Aug 17
  • Carstens, D
    Groot verbetering sedert my (katarak) operasie.
    Carstens, D
    Jul 2017
  • De Lange, J
    I went for my 1st cycle this morning with my new eyes (after cataract procedure). Absolutely fantastic being able to cycle without spectacles or contact lenses and still being able read the speedo, my heart rate, calories burnt, etc. Never ever thought I would be able to experience such freedom again. Also, no longer necessary to search for my specs to read the alarm clock in the middle of night, to shave or read a book. I thank you and your team for an extremely successful cataract/lens insertion op and thus opening a new way life for me.
    De Lange, J
    Jul 2017
  • Swiegers, J
    Baie groot verbetering in my sig (na katarak prosedure). Baie dankie vir puik en vriendelike diens by die praktyk vanaf dag een.
    Swiegers, J
    Jul 2017
  • Lyners, S
    Sig baie beter (na katarak procedure). Ek is baie gelukkig met resultate.
    Lyners, S
    Jul 2017
  • Theron, K
    Dit is wonderlik om na 25 jaar uit my eie oë te kan sien. Ek sien verskriklik goed en ek het niks seer of enigiets gevoel in die LASIK operasie nie! Ek stel dit voor vir enigiemand. Baie dankie dokter! Ek sien amazing!
    Theron, K
    Jun 17
  • W de Klerk
    Wow, dit was lewens veranderend! BAIE dankie. (Multifokale lens ingeplant met katarak operasie)
    W de Klerk
    Jun 17
  • S de Swardt
    Baie teverede met my “katarak” operasies, die diens en alles. Baie dankie.
    S de Swardt
    Jun 2017
  • Kitshoff, A, Mrs
    My eyes are much better (after the cataract procedure). I can read when shopping.
    Kitshoff, A, Mrs
    May 17
  • Minnaar, J
    Ek sien baie beter (na my katarak operasie). Lees sonder ‘n bril, dis heerlik.
    Minnaar, J
    May 17
  • Saal, M
    Ek is dankbaar vir die goeie sig (na my laser procedure). Het geensins ‘n bril of leesbril meer nodig nie. Ek kan die procedure aanbeveel aan enigiemand wat dit wil laat doen. Baie danie Dr Hartog en span vir die werk wat julle doen.
    Saal, M
    Apr 17
  • Venter, S
    Ek is dood tevrede met die katarak operasie. Ek kan lees as ek die boek bietjie verder weghou
    Venter, S
    Apr 17
  • P Clayford
    I am very happy with the outcome of the procedure (implantation of multifocal Panoptix intra-ocular lenses).
    P Clayford
    Apr 17
  • R Visagie
    Ek geniet my “nuwe oë” terdeë. Baie dankie! (Na inplanting van multifokale Panoptix lense)
    R Visagie
    Apr 17
  • Marais, M
    Ek het glad nie meer ‘n bril nodig nie (na inplanting van Panoptix multifokale lens)
    Marais, M
    Apr 17
  • Baird, M
    Dankie vir my brilonafhanklikheid (na katarak operasie).
    Baird, M
    Apr 17
  • H Walter
    Ek is happy met die stand van my oe “na die katarak operasie”. Ek het ‘n groot verandering ervaar en kan weer goed sien. Baie dankie vir al die hulp
    H Walter
    Mar 17
  • S Swanepoel
    Ek sien fantasties na my katarak operasies
    S Swanepoel
    Mar 17
  • A Human
    Ek is baie gelukkig met my visie. Ek kan alles sien sonder ‘n bril (na inplanting van multifokale lens)
    A Human
    Mar 17
  • Tolker, S
    The cataract operation was successful and I am very happy. The operation itself was easy going. The lenses are perfect for all distances
    Tolker, S
    Mar 17
  • M Walters
    Ek het glad nie ‘n bril nodig nie vir lees of afstand sien nie “na inplanting van multifokale Panoptix intra-okulere lens met katarak operasie”.
    M Walters
    Jan 17
  • H Crouse
    I would recommend Dr Hartog to anyone “after my laser eye treatment”.
    H Crouse
    Jan 17
  • A Barnard
    Uitmuntende diens van Dr Hartog en sy personeel (met my laser oog behandling)! Wat ‘n aangename ervaring.
    A Barnard
    Jan 17
  • W Dreyer
    Na die lensinplanting kan ek baie goed sien.
    W Dreyer
    Oct 16
  • E Kruger
    “Na my katarak operasie” het ek net ‘n bril vir klein skrif nodig. Verder is ek goed.
    E Kruger
    Oct 16
  • C Weber
    Ek is 100% tevrede met die eindresultaat “van my katarak operasie”.
    C Weber
    Oct 16
  • R Govender
    Ek is baie tevrede met my sig “na die katarak operasie”. Ek het glad nie ‘n bril nodig nie.
    R Govender
    Oct 16
  • M Hendricks
    I had LASIK surgery done with Dr Hartog and it worked perfectly. I have no need to use my glasses or contact lenses, which have improved my day to day life with the activities I do. Thank you to the staff who answered all my questions pre-surgery. The staff are professional and very friendly.
    M Hendricks
    Oct 16
  • R Joseph
    Ek is onafhanklik van my bril “na die Panoptix multifokale lensinplanting”.
    R Joseph
    Sept 16
  • L Drake
    Ek het glad nie meer my bril nodig vir enigiets nie “na my katarak operasie”. Ek kan lees en bestuur sonder ‘n bril, waar ek voorheen total afhanklik was van die bril.
    L Drake
    Sept 16
  • J Trollip
    Ek is baie tevrede met die “katarak” operasie. Dis wonderlik om sonder ‘n bril oor die weg te kom.
    J Trollip
    Sept 16
  • A Barnard
    Ek het ‘n 100% beter sig na die “katarak” prosedure en het geen behoefte vir ‘n bril nie. Baie baie dankie vir die wonderlike sig. Onkoopbaar!!
    A Barnard
    Aug 16
  • M Hugo
    The LASIK procedure was painless and my vision improved immediately. What a pleasure.
    M Hugo
    Jul 19
  • H Lazenby
    Ek sien sonder my bril. 100% verbetering.
    H Lazenby
    Jun 16
  • G Vermaak
    Wonderlike behandeling (met my katarak operasies). Dankie Dr Hartog vir die voorreg om sonder ‘n bril te wees.
    G Vermaak
    Jun 16
  • T Greeff
    Ek is baie dankbaar!!! (na my katarak operasies)
    T Greeff
    May 16
  • A Nel

    Ek kan die koerant lees sonder ‘n bril (na die katarak operasies).
    A Nel
    May 16
  • A Blackaller
    Very satisfied with the excellent services and (cataract) operation. Good life changing, I am seeing much better. Will recommend the operation and procedures to friends.
    A Blackaller
    May 16
  • M Pretorius
    Die laser chirurgie was “defnitief die moeite en geld werd.”
    M Pretorius
    Mar 16
  • M Coetzee
    Die “katarak” operasie was baie suksesvol. Ek is baie teverede.
    M Coetzee
    Mar 16
  • B Nel
    Baie gelukkig “na katarak operasie”. Dokter Frikkie het goeie wysheid deur god.
    B Nel
    Mar 16
  • M de Wet
    Hoe kan ek ooit genoeg dankie se. Baie baie dankie, goeie werk. Sal altyd dokter se naam hoog bo hou.
    M de Wet
    Feb 16
  • M Berowski
    Very happy with the results (after LASIK surgery). Would recommend to friends.
    M Berowski
    Feb 16
  • J Modinger
    Hoogs in my skik !(na katarak operasie)
    J Modinger
    Feb 16
  • M Botes
    Baie dankie vir die suksesvolle (katarak ) operasie, dit is ongelooflik om so goed te kan sien.
    M Botes
    Feb 16
  • I Jooste
    “Die katarak operasie” het my lewe verander.
    I Jooste
    Jan 16
  • C Botha
    Ek doen alles sonder ‘n bril (na die katarak operasies)
    C Botha
    Jan 16
  • S Mathers
    Ek is baie tevrede met die diens en operasie. Dankie
    S Mathers
    Jan 16
  • G Bijzet
    Na die (katarak) operasies het my sig baie verbeter.
    G Bijzet
    Jan 16
  • D Dutton
    Great result! (after LASIK surgery)
    D Dutton
    Jan 16
  • R de Haast
    Ek kan sonder ‘n bril lees (na die katarak operasie).
    R de Haast
    Dec 15
  • C Loubser
    Ek kan nie glo watse verskil “die katarak operasie” aan my lewe gemaak het nie.
    C Loubser
    Dec 15
  • Janice G
    Ek is baie tevrede met die uitkoms (na LASIK). Sal dit beslis aanbeveel aan ander mense.
    Janice G
    Nov 15
  • Marc B
    I am very happy with the result (after laser eye surgery).
    Marc B
    Nov 15
  • U Campher
    Ek is baie teverede met die behandeling en die uitkoms (na katarak chirurgie). Ek kan alles doen sonder ‘n bril.
    U Campher
    Nov 15
  • Deborah D
    Awesome result (after LASIK), really life changing.
    Deborah D
    Oct 15
  • Mrs. F
    Thank you Doctor Hartog and your staff for the professional and friendly service which I received from you all.

    From beginning to end I felt that I did not have to worry about the treatment I was receiving. I will be forever grateful that I no longer have to look for my glasses and would certainly recommend your services to anyone.
    Mrs. F
    Sep 15
  • Mrs. J Mostert
    I would like to thank you personally and express my gratitude that I am able to see without my spectacles. I am typing this without my spectacles. Praise your wonderful work.
    Mrs. J Mostert
    Sep 15
  • Mr. E Groenewald
    Op 47-jarige ouderdom, na ‘n leeftyd van padwedlope pak ek “trail running”
    aan. Nadat ek 3 stelle peperduur kontaklense verloor het op Helderberg, die Outenikwas en Jonkershoekberge en uit wedlope moes onttrek as gevolg hiervan, het ek Dr Frikkie Hartog gevra vir raad. Omdat my oë so sleg was (bril sterkte -16.5 en -17) het hy aanbeveel dat ek ‘n lens-oorplanting ondergaan, soos ‘n katarak operasie.

    Op 7 & 14 Augustus kry ek toe hierdie operasies, eers op die regter- en toe op die linker oog. Na die eerste lensvervanging het dit omtrent ‘n week geneem voordat ek goed kon sien (dit was ‘n spesiale tipe lens). Na die tweede operasie kon ek feitlik dadelik sien met die geopereerde oog. Tans sien ek bykans perfek. Ek werk, lees en bestuur motor sonder enige bril.

    (Voorheen kon ek dit nie waag om oor die pad te stap sonder ‘n bril nie)
    Ek voel dat Dr Hartog my goeie raad gegee het en al die opsies en die meegaande risiko’s aan my verduidelik het. Ek kon dus “oop oë” die besluit neem om my oë te laat opereer. Ek kan hom heelhartig aanbeveel vir sy noukeurigheid en fantastiese diens (en ook die van sy personeel)
    Op 24 September kon ek die “Otter Challenge” hardloop en eindig 3de in my ouderdomsgroep (veterane) en tiende van alle deelnemers (42 km op ongelooflike moeilike terrein – ekwivalent daaraan om Tafelberg 3 keer op en af te klim). Ek sou ten minste ‘n halfuur langer gehardloop het met my kontaklense omdat hulle tot ‘n mate opwasem en skuif en ‘n mens nie die paadjie so goed kan sien nie. As jy hulle dan nog boonop verloor, neem dit baie tyd in beslag en breek jou motivering af vir die res van die wedloop.
    Die feit dat ek nie meer gesukkel het met kontaklense wat verloor nie, het die hele ondervinding vir my verander.

    Vir my was hierdie operasie ‘n lewensveranderende ondervinding. Nou kan ek onbelemmerd my liefde vir trail running beoefen.

    In my gewone daaglikse lewe sien ek baie beter as wat ek ooit tevore, met die kontaklense, kon sien.
    Mr. E Groenewald
    Sep 15