Laser Eye Surgery by leading Surgeon Dr Frikkie Hartog

Laser eye surgery / Lasik Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery sometimes also called Lasik eye Surgery, aimed at improving a patients’ uncorrected vision without the need for spectacles or contact lenses, underwent some revolutionary changes. These changes are attributable to improved software as well as improved laser systems. The advantages for the surgeon are the vast amount of accurate information at his disposal in planning surgery and markedly improved visual results. From the patients point of view more patients with a wider range of spectacle errors can be accurately corrected and the accuracy of the treatment is also improved. This translates to a very safe treatment with a high success rate.


Dr. Frikkie Hartog uses the newest technology in the Wavelight EX500 excimer laser, being able to do customized treatment for each and every patient, whether it be wavefront optimized or topography guided treatment. The topolyzer and oculyzer takes thousands of measurements of each eye, calculating all the irregularities of the cornea (the membrane at the front of the eye) that is unique to each individual. The laser treatment is able to very accurately correct not only the patients’ spectacle error, but also these higher order aberrations. The accuracy is further improved by an eye tracker that follows any movement of the eye during treatment, including any rotation of the eye, and corrects for this, even though the duration of the laser treatment itself is only approximately 30 seconds. In this way shortsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hypermetropia) as well as astigmatism can be corrected very accurately.

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What to expect

During the initial examination in the rooms Dr Frikkie Hartog will perform a thorough examination of your eyes in order to establish your suitability for laser treatment. The evaluation will include a Pentacam scan of your eyes, also done in the rooms, and with the use of Belin Ambrosio software your suitability for surgery will be confirmed.  The success, but also the safety of your treatment is of paramount importance to Dr Hartog, and therefore other treatment options might be discussed if you are not an ideal candidate for laser eye surgery.


On the day of the Surgery

Two scanning methods will be performed (the topolyzer and oculyzer), permitting Dr Frikkie Hartog to calculate an accurate and unique treatment specifically designed for your eyes. The procedure is completely painless, and only topical drops are needed to anesthetize your eyes. Lying on a bed, you look up at a blinking light within a small box above you. You will be guided through the whole process and at all times kept comfortable. The whole procedure will be completed within approximately 20 minutes. Your eyes might be covered with a clear shield after the surgery, and topical drops will be used for a few weeks. The healing is very rapid with a speedy recovery to excellent vision.