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Conjunctival bleedings

The conjunctiva is a transparent membrane over the white sclera of the eye. It contains many blood vessels, especially so at the inside of the eye, closer to the nose. One of the reasons for this is chronic irritation from the sun that causes a thickening of the conjunctiva known as a pingueculum. This localized swelling at the inside of the eye can sometimes be yellow and also turn red due to inflammation and irritation. The fact that it is swollen often leads to a localized area of dryness.

Bleedings of the conjunctival blood vessels are quite common, causing an unsightly red swelling over the white of the eye of varying extent. It is important to note that these bleedings are in no way harmful, and will not affect the patients’ vision. They are unfortunately cosmetically very worrisome, and do to take a few weeks to clear. The bleedings often occur in the morning or are first noticed on awakening in the morning. The reason for this is probably that the surface of the eye dries during sleeping due to incomplete closure of the eyelids. The small superficial conjunctival blood vessels are injured when the eye is forcefully opened in the morning, causing the bleeding over the white of the eye. The bleeding often occurs at the inside of the eye at the site of a pingueculum. The bleeding can happen with everyone, but is more commonly seen in patients with blood vessel problems or taking medication for abnormal blood clotting like warfarin or ecotrin. These medications do not have to be stopped when a conjunctival bleeding occurs.

The treatment of a conjunctival bleeding is mostly aimed at preventing further bleedings that are often bigger and uglier than the first. Medication will not resolve the current bleeding. The bleeding will be cleared spontaneously by the body, breaking it down over time. The recurrent bleeding occurs due to the fact that the bloodclot gets damaged by the eyelid moving over the dry spot of the eye, causing a rebleed. Using a lubricating ointment at night before going to bed will help to prevent this. Lubricating drops can be used to treat the dry eye symptoms. The underlying cause can also be treated. The pingueculum can be removed surgically. Get in Touch for more details on Conjunctival bleedings.

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