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Dr Frikkie Hartog

Dr. Frikkie Hartog - Ophthalmic surgeon in Cape Town

Dr. Frikkie Hartog is an ophthalmic surgeon based in Cape Town specializing in cataract, laser eye surgery and corrective surgery.

The aim of all types refractive surgery is to rid a patient of spectacle or contact lens dependence. Dr. Hartog has a special interest in affording patients best possible results using latest and safest technology

Laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery, aimed at improving a patients’ uncorrected vision without the need for spectacles or contact lenses, underwent some revolutionary changes over the past few years.


Cataract Surgery

The natural crystalline lens of your eye is situated behind the colored ring (iris) of the eye. It is responsible for focusing incoming light on the retina (the innermost layer of ... thereby permitting sharp vision.


Corrective Surgery

The accommodation potential of the human lens cannot be restored, but the resultant spectacle dependence can be addressed permanently with the replacement of the human lens with an artificial lens.


Eye Examinations - ensuring your eye health and good vision

You know your sight is a precious commodity. Many individuals experience difficulty and frustration in their daily lives due to a deficit in their vision, and the correction thereof is definitely a privilege. You can trust Dr Hartog to give you the best advice in treatment options and to take extra care in achieving the best possible visual results.

Lasik and Eye Care Specialists

The aim of this website is to give general information regarding ophthalmology and the services offered by an ophthalmic surgeon. Also included is information on our practice.

An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor that specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of eye problems. This includes refractive testing for spectacles or contact lenses, as well as surgery to improve vision without spectacle correction.

Book your free laser screening today to find out whether you are a suitable candidate for Lasik laser eye surgery. During this screening, we will use advanced computerized technology to analyze your eyes, and Doctor Frikkie Hartog will show you what your likely outcome will be, confirm your candidacy, and answer any questions you may have.